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International Women’s Day

I’m a boy monkey but that doesn’t mean I can’t get behind a great day like this. I majored in History and minored in Ethnic studies which means not only did I take a lot of classes that addressed women or the absence of women in history books but I found them interesting and had some amazing professors. My favorite class was titled “Women in Nazi Germany” where we discussed Jewish, German, Lesbian, Gypsy and every other social group in between within Hiter’s era. Does that make me an expert, no – but it does mean that I am informed to an extent.

All that information is useless if not applied. I’ve already given you a list of over 100 great women travelers and travel bloggers, check out my first list of 50 and then my part two list of 60+ to catch the many greats that I missed the first time. I would recommend checking them out as a starter. (more…)


60+ More Women Travelers & Travel Bloggers Part 2

Thanks to the help of people like Kristin Luna of CamelsAndChocolate.com and Charu Suri of ButterflyDiary.com (whom I mistakenly left both off the list but was still nice enough to help suggest others)  I was able to get started on a part two of my women travelers and travel bloggers list to make sure I got a full amount of some of the big name women travel bloggers out there and a few others just starting out. Also I cant forget to mention my friend Brittani Gonzalez of BrittaniPhotography.com who is an up and coming photographer, she helped share a few great suggestions as well. Jeannie Mark of Nomadic Chick helped ‎ with a few great suggestions even though I already stole a few of her suggestions for my first list, I say she has been one of the most helpful in gathering this list.

This in no means depicts all the women travels and travel bloggers out there, nor is this a ‘best of’ list because in reality I couldn’t find any list of women travel bloggers out there so I went out to create one. Yet in doing so one list just wasn’t enough so this is the second, and final part of women travelers and travel bloggers. I hope that between my first list and this one if you are in search of an inspiring woman travel blogger that I can help you find a few. Please share with others or better yet make your own because I cannot get everyone nor do I expect to either. So travel on my furless friends and like all these women listed below put your travel foot forward.

  1. Kristin Luna of CamelsAndChocolate.com
  2. Lainie Liberti of RaisingMiro.com
  3. Charu Suri of ButterflyDiary.com
  4. Laurie DePrete of SceneByLaurie.com
  5. Leslie Koch of  DowntownTraveler.com
  6. Mary Anne of ephemeraanddetritus.com
  7. Kirsten Alana of KirstenAlana.com
  8. Candice Walsh of CandiceDoesTheWorld.com
  9. Ciki of CumiAndCiki.com
  10. Kate McCulley of AdventurousKate.com
  11. Teresa Rodriguez Williamson of TangoDiva.com
  12. Abby Tegnelia of TheJunglePrincess.com
  13. Akila McConnell of TheRoadForks.com
  14. Annemarie Dooling of FrillSeekerDiary.com
  15. Stefanie Michaels of AdventureGirl.com
  16. Alyson Kilday of HopAndJaunt.com
  17. Sofia von Porat of AsWeTravel.com
  18. Kayt Sukel and Jamie Pearson of travelsavvymom.com
  19. Lillie Marshall of AroundTheWorldL.com
  20. Kelly Lewis of TravelBugJuice.com
  21. Emily Gerson of Maiden-Voyage-Travel.com
  22. María Victoria Rodríguez of  ElProximoViaje.com (A Great Spanish blog, Thanks Luis Baldó)
  23. Liz Borod Wright of TravelLogged.com
  24. Kristy Harris of Vagabondkids.com
  25. Andrea James of TravelTeachTravel.com
  26. Stephanie Lee of ArtOfSoloTravel.com (A great guidebook for girls, thanks for the suggestion Craig Martin)
  27. Farryn Blake Weiner of JetsetFarryn.com
  28. Kathy McCabe of DreamOfItaly.com
  29. Christine Medina of ChristineInSpain.com
  30. Deanna Niles of TravelingMonkeys.org @(^_^)@
  31. Jessica Maceda of WayfaringWanderer.com
  32. Dominique King of MidwestGuest.com
  33. Jade Broadus of Vagabond3.com
  34. Amy Schuchman Berecek of SurroundedByTheSound.com
  35. Sally of UnbraveGirl.com
  36. Ali Garland of AliAdventures.com
  37. Elena Favaro of WhereDidSheGoNow.com
  38. Jennifer Miner, Kara Williams and Beth Blair of TheVacationGals.com
  39. Ally Maxwell and Linah Yong of BorneoTravelGuide.org
  40. Beverly Gallagher of NomadicNarrative.com
  41. Jenny McIver of RTWin30Days.com
  42. Jenny Leonard of WhereIsJenny.com
  43. Jodi Sagorin of IfYouNeverDid.com
  44. Christy of OrdinaryTraveler.com
  45. Mariellen Ward of BreatheDreamGo.com
  46. Nora Dunn of TheProfessionalHobo.com
  47. JoAnna Haugen of KaleidoscopicWandering.com
  48. Donna Leftwich Hull of MyItchyTravelFeet.com
  49. Brooke Schoenman of BrookeVStheWorld.com
  50. Deonne Kahler of GoneScamping.com
  51. Sherry Jackson of SeeTheSouth.com
  52. Nancie M of BudgetTravelersSandbox.com
  53. Robyn James of TheDropoutDiaries.com
  54. Sarah of LoveAndPaella.com
  55. Cassie and Erica of Nonstop-World-Travel.com
  56. Beth of BeersAndBeans.com
  57. Shirlene of Idelish.com (in the process of moving from blog hosted to .com)
  58. Natalie of TurkishTravelBlog.com

(yeah it only goes up to 58 but there were a few sites that had two or more authors so it all ads up to over 60 in the end)

I hope you enjoy the list, as well as my first one and again no this isn’t every woman travel blogger out there. I’m sure I missed a lot between my list but there aren’t too many list of women travels and travel bloggers out there so here is a start. Hope you enjoy.

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50 Women Travelers – Eat Your Heart Out ‘Eat, Pray Love’

Stephanie Elizondo-Griest '100 Places Every Woman Should Go'

Stephanie Elizondo-Griest '100 Places Every Woman Should Go'Women travelers, solo female traveling and women in the travel industry have gotten a boost thanks to Elizabeth Gilberts Eat, Pray, Love. While the reviews are mixed on both the book and the movie (I haven’t seen/read either), let us not forget those women travelers who have been out traveling for years or those fresh and new to the world of traveling without the promise of a book deal at the end.

This list was originally featured in my Travel Channel post (about the travel channel not actually on their site, but if you are reading this travel channel you need a blogging monkey, trust me), but I felt it deserved it’s own claim to fame and not rest on the back burners of a better than Samantha Brown post. The list is a mixture of women travelers, solo and otherwise, of my personal preference with a little…OK a lot of help thanks to  Gray Cargill of SoloFriendly.com and VegasSolo.com. She sent me an email list full of great solo woman travelers, and this list wouldn’t be what it is if it wasn’t for her. I’ve also stolen a few suggestions based off of the Nomadic Chick’s Travel Resources’ Women Travel section and a few indexed ones suggested from WorldHum.com



The Travel Channel: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of TV Travel

Travel Channel

Travel ChannelThe Travel Channel is many things, but first and foremost it is a source of entertainment, not the know-it-all authority on travel. While it exposes the idea of travel and the world to many who would otherwise be content to sit in their La-Z-Boy recliner it will only give you the inspiration to get there, not the resources to explore. Alas, that will be reserved for the likes of Lonely Planet and Frommers or a host of some experiences shared on your favorite travel blog.

However there are a few shows that seem to embody what travel is all about, while other shows are more of a vacation exploration and more even still I have yet to figure out why they are on the Travel Channel. Cable, being what it is, I’m sure some of these shows are validated by the ratings they bring in and not for sticking to the main topic of travel. Let us look at the good, the bad and the ugly side of travel as shown on the Travel Channel.