Too Soon Mother Earth – Two Quakes in Two Months

ChileEarthquake Too Soon Mother Earth   Two Quakes in Two Months

The Chilean Red Cross distributes water to survivors following Saturday's 8.8 magnitude earthquake.

I wonder if the charitable goodness within people will not diminish in hard economic times such as we are in, when two horrible earthquakes on opposite ends of South America compete for attention. I know it sounds horrible to put it like that but realistically it’s the truth. It is relatively easy to round up the initial wave of charity and contributions, but keeping that passion and drive alive in people after the media hype has passed is where the true work needs to happen. Right now Haiti is nowhere near where it needs to be in rebuilding the lives and homes of its inhabitants. The recent earthquake in Chile may fail to get similar support because the good Samaritans of the world are emotionally and financially tapped out. That or in the fickle heart of the do-gooder its attention will go to the next media highlight ready to volunteer even before the aftershocks completely stop, leaving Haiti in the shadows defending for itself.