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10 Tips On How to Find a Cheap Flight


Now I am no travel expert when it comes to the best travel secrets out there. In fact, truly speaking I’m still a bit of a travel novice. Sure I’ve been to a few countries, and even lived in Brazil for four months but in terms of backpacking, hosteling and all that jazz I’m still preparing for my first big RTW trip. However, I’ve been blogging for a few years, believe it or not and I’ve read a lot of articles on travel and listened to hundreds of suggestions and I’ve come to learn one thing. What I am good at is organizing those suggestions and tips from other travel experts. (more…)


Houston Hospitality at George Bush Intercontinental

The plane bounces and shakes as the passengers’ sleepy heads bounce along as if they are all listening to the same beat. I am somewhere between Houston and Newark, neither being my intended destination but that isn’t the point. The point is – things, as they often do, do not always go according to plans, but when those plans include a very expensive plane ticket and the holiday season things can get ugly.

People bought tickets and showed up, a seemingly novel concept to those who are booking the flights, but not so much to the workers who are left sorting out the overbooked mess. This story, however, is about a specific individual who, while my rerouting was voluntary, deserves some form of acknowledgment for his ability to handle the situation. While boarding passengers can sometimes seem like herding cattle, the cargo is human and the journey intentional.