May 08

Do You Know These 4 Pizza Lovers?

by in Random Things Flung

This may seem like an unusual request, but I am hoping that through the power of social media, I can find out who these four pizza loving tourist are. Why these four specifically, well it seems like Bolivia just loves this photo. Aiko and I first saw this photo in Uyuni, I know it was this photo because I commented on whether or not they realized they were plastered on a sign outside of a Italian and Mexican food place in the main plaza.

That wasn’t enough to encourage me to write this post, what did is when I found this same picture in Potosi, Sucre, and now La Paz. It seems somehow at least one or two  restaurants in every town we visited in Bolivia that serves pizza, and there is a lot, has this photo.

So, the question remains. Who are these 4 Pizza loving tourists? Also, why is it all over Bolivia and do these four realize they are spokespeople for at least a half dozen pizza joints.


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