Dec 26

#52 Spend Christmas on the Beach Drinking Tropical Drinks

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It has been a long time in the making but I have finally checked off another item on my bucket list. I know I don’t overly focus on my bucket list, but that is because these are special things I hope to accomplish and if they were easy to accomplish, well then they wouldn’t be bucket list items. Today’s accomplishment was celebrating xmas on a beach. True, I could have went to the beach back in my home state of Ohio but that isn’t the point. No I wanted to go to the beach, like play in the sand and go swimming and stuff.

To be honest it was a chilly day in the Asia district of Peru where we went to Playa Bonita. It was around the mid 70’s and not really sunny, except for a few moments here and there but it was still a nice day and we headed off to the beach.

Don’t mind the smeared second ‘S’

Aiko and I collected shells as we walked along the shore and just enjoyed the fact that this was our first beach visit since arriving in South America. I was a little hesitant to go swimming since it was chilly but had to jump in for a little bit just because I was finally-actually at a beach on Christmas day.

To be honest I wasn’t drinking any tropical drinks at the beach, I had a Cusquena for lunch at a resteraunt next to the beach but I was less concerned about drinks and more about the beach. Which sounds strange coming from me. Besides, back in 2009 when I was visiting Paracas I was having tropical drinks on the beach but it was Dec. 23rd and 24th, but not the 25th. So close enough, you combine them together and I get to check off a bucket list item.

I’m not sure how you spent your holidays but I hope all was well and happy travels.


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