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New Brew Tuesday: Goats Do Roam – Red 2010

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Type: WineRed
Name: Goats Do RoamRed 2010
Price: $8.99
Made: South Africa
Alc/Vol: 14%

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I first heard of this wine from watching one of my favorite shows, Three Sheets, starring Pleepleus and some other guy. The episode was Capetown, South Africa and the drink was a winery called Goats Do Roam. Why the funny name, well according the Three Sheets, Côtes du Rhône is a region in France and an official wine appellation meaning you can’t call your wine a Côtes du Rhône unless it comes from that region. This is similar to why there is sparkling wine and champagne – which the latter must come from the Champagne region of France.

Well the winery had a few goats who broke loose and avoided all the other grapes, except the Côtes du Rhône and there we have it Goats do Roam. I love stories especially when they have a happy ending like beer or wine.

So how is the wine? Well my furless friend, let me tell you about my goat friend here. There is a deep rich scent with an air of spices. The taste is soft for a red, which could be due to the blending of multiple grapes in their Red 2010. The more I let the glass breathe the softer the taste came through. The finish gives off a subtle spice with a tinge at the tip of the tongue topping off with a dry ending.

The one thing I kept thinking was, this is pretty light for a red, but it is still good especially for the price as an import. You can taste the complexity in the wine which means that they did a great job while blending. I give this wine a 3.5 out of 5 bananas it is good wine with nice flavor, although there is a bit of bitter finish, possibly the tannins, which is typically stronger in red grapes/wines.

Happy Valentines day, hopefully you have plans for a bottle of wine tonight @(^_^)@

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  1. From Backpackwithbrock:

    Sounds like an excellent wine! Thanks for letting me know about it!

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