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Edinburgh – Five Must-Do Things in the Scottish Capital

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Many people that travel to Britain make a point of heading to Edinburgh. Why? Well, it’s a city rich in culture, heritage and history and there are countless attractions to go and visit. There’s also an abundance of affordable hotels in Edinburgh near to all the major sites, which makes it even more of an appealing prospect for tourists.



New Brew Tuesday: Chateau St Jean – 2008 Gewürztraminer

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Type: WineGewürztraminer
Name: Chateau St. Jean2008 Gewürztraminer
Price: $15.00
Made: Kenwood, CA
Alc/Vol: 13.2%

“This elegant wine is composed of Gewürztraminer grapes from Sonoma country’s acclaimed vineyards. It expresses fragrant varietal aromas of honey suckle, rose petals and spice, with flavors of lychee fruit.”

This wine was marked down before Thanksgiving and had a sign above it claiming to be “great with turkey” now I’m sad to say I forgot the bottle at home and didn’t grab any leftovers to compare it with, but I did try it to see how it stands alone.

First and foremost with any wine, beer or spirit/liqueur I have to stick my nose in it to get a deep breath of the aroma. It makes me look all aficionado like, you know which compared to a drunk is a good thing – because it’s a fancy drunk. So what did my expertly noviced nose tell me? Well, it didn’t say rose petals I’ll tell you that much. I just so happened to have purchased some roses for my wife recently and nope – not rose petals. It did have a sweet scent and along with the taste partly reminded me of Peter Mertes- Riesling Spätlese, only less sweet to both nose and taste.

The taste was sweet and slightly syrupy, but not overly sweet and then gives to a dry finish with a touch of bitterness. I am wondering if it is from the lychee, although I’ve only had the canned version of this fruit so it could be the pear like syrupy liquid it is in. To be honest this wine goes down smoothly and before you know it you could down a glass or two, so beware :-)

I give this wine 4 out of 5 bananas. It is a good sweet wine that has a nice balancing finish that prevents it from being too sweet.




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New Brew Wednesday: Leffe Blonde – Belgian Ale

Type: BeerBelgian Pale Ale
Name: LeffeBlonde
Price: $1.79
Made: Belgium
Alc/Vol: 6.6%

OK, so not only have I been a bad little monkey and haven’t been posting much of anything outside of my New Brew Tuesday posts. To make me look even better I’m a day late and a hangover short, or something like that, on today’s post. The sad thing is I had it all written out on paper and just had to transfer it over to my computer – all pretty easy. But enough about this and that and on to the beer.

“Award winning Leffe Blonde is a full-bodied deep golden ale that is surprisingly subtle and delicate. Belgium’s classic abbey ale is best served in its own chalice-shaped glass, accentuating the ale’s aroma and creating the perfect head.”

OK this beer paints a nice delicate flowery frilly little picture that makes you want to go awwww how cute. This is not how I should feel about me beer, and my reaction didn’t fare any better. However, I do have to admit first and foremost – this brew did give a nice head 😉 (sorry I’m a bad bad monkey)

The beer was a nice golden color that gave a bit of lacing on the glass that dissipates pretty fast. I couldn’t get much off the nose, but my wife got something- not a favorable something, but something.

  The taste has a rich caramel deep coffee fruits taste, which is surprising since it comes from such a light-colored ale. There really was a lot of character in this beer, a rich sweetness to it. It was hard to pick out specific flavorings in it, it is a well mixed beer. However, this is not a beer for me. It was too sweet, it reminded me of an abbey ale but it was too sweet for me. I couldn’t finish this beer which is a sad thing to say, this beer was anything but subtle to me. It was too sweet and fruity but that isn’t saying it is a bad beer, it may be just what you are looking for if the description sounds good to you. If it does then I recommend you try it, yet if you like a little more bitter in your beer then skip this brew. I give it 2 1/2 out of 5 bananas.

BananaBananaHalf Banana


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New Brew Tuesday: Tyskie Browary Książęce – Gronie

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Type: BeerEuro Pale Lager
Name: Tyskie Browary KsiążęceGronie
Price: $1.29

Made: Poznan, Poland
Alc/Vol: 5.6%

This Polish brew pours a light golden straw color with almost no head and no lacing. The nose matches the color, giving off  a very light sweet scent.

The taste has a light sweetness at the tip with a grassy bitter finish, but not hoppy. Intermixed is a hint of honey, not too light that you can’t tell it is there but not Winnie the Pooh honey filled either.  This brew doesn’t have a strong beer like taste, for all its in-betweens it is almost watered down. There isn’t much body to the beer. It’s not a bad drink, doesn’t scream beer. Does that make sense?

It has drinkability, I could imagine putting these down all night as a light and easy going beer. However, it is forgettable and isn’t anything too special. Which is why I give this beer 2 and a half bananas out of 5. I’m not impressed, but not disappointed and that gets you somewhere in the middle.


BananaBananaHalf Banana


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New Brew Tuesday: Hofbräuhaus München – Oktoberfest

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Type: BeerOktoberfest/ Märzen
Name: Hofbräuhaus MünchenOktoberfest
Price: Free – Got a free sample from my mother @(^_^)@
Made: Munich, Germany
Alc/Vol: 6.3%

I had the pleasure of trying this foreign beauty thanks to my mother, I love how she supports my habit. Err, umm I mean my job.

So what did this bier have to say for itself?

“An absolutely natural product, brewed from pure water, best quality malt and exquisite hops. This brew offers, the real oktoberfest experience.”

I like the sound of that, the real oktoberfest. Yeah, it just said that, it basically said all those American brewed German style oktoberfest beers, are just that knock offs.

The beer pours a golden yellow color, much different than most oktoberfest that I’ve had before. It has a light, semi-sweet taste with a bit of a grassy aftertaste. This beer is a little more hops than your typical American style oktoberfest. It leaves a slightly dry finish, which compared to the light refreshing initial taste gives a bit of a contrast.

To be honest, this beer reminds me more of a pilsner style beer, except a bit more of a slightly sweet twist comparatively. I give this beer 3 and a half out of 5 bananas, it is a good beer but there wasn’t anything too outstanding about it.  This may be a “real oktoberfest experience” but its difference from what I was expecting through me off. I would order and enjoy this beer again but it didn’t blow me away to the point that I’m ready to crown this beer an OktoberKing.


BananaBananaBananaHalf Banana


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