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New Brew Tuesday: Thirsty Dog Brewing Company’s Barktoberfest

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Type: BeerOktoberfest/ Märzen
Name: Thirsty Dog Brewing CompanyOktoberfest
Price: $1.99
Made: Akron, OH
Alc/Vol: 6%

First I had Dogtoberfest, now Barktoberfest? I’m not sure why dog themed breweries like märzen style beers but as long as they keep producing brew, we’re cool.

Now I had a bad experience with another Akron brewery‘s beer, but in defense of Hoppin’ Frog Brewery I learned that I wasn’t a fan of winter ales. Now, it has been some years since I’ve been to Akron but I’m always down to support a local brewery, even if they value all the other weird animals over monkeys. Either way…onto the beer!

The scent is light with a touch of sweetness to it that is typical of oktoberfest style beers. This beer has a bit more orange than amber color to it.

The taste however is a pleasant surprise. I was expecting something a bit more sweet but instead got a bit more malts and nutty flavorings. There is a strong carbonation mouth feel along with a wheaty taste. The mix of malts, nuts and wheat gives you a good taste all the way through. This is a mark of a good beer, you want to initial taste all the way through to the finish to leave you smiling and thirsting for more. In reality this process is over in a second or two but that is all you need to know if this is the right beer for you.

I would warn you though, it is a bit less sweet and more malts then your typical oktoberfest and that switch gives it a different flavoring than you would expect. Overall, I give this brew 4 out of 5 bananas. Keep doing what you do Thirsty Dog Brew, but your next creation should be a drunken monkey @(^_^)@



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RTW Not So Soon?

Yield By Kt Ann (September 27, 2010 ) on Flickr via Creative Commons

You know that feeling when you are sitting at the airport and they announce that your flight has been delayed? Yeah, I feel like that right now and I need to tell you why.

Why do I “need” to tell you, because my dear friend, we are pals, amigos, chums and all that and well I need to vent. Plus I’m pretty sure, like 99.99999% X’s infinity sure, that the whole reason blogs were created was so that people could vent…and poetry which is like venting but more rhymie. (more…)


New Bern Getaway – A Beary Good Time

After spending some time with my family camping we took a nice road trip to New Bern, NC to visit my old college roommate. Although he lived in the small town of New Bern, NC there was still plenty for us to see and do. Especially while he was off teaching, we went out beaching and at night we all went out drinking.

New Bern is the birthplace of Pepsi, and if you drive around you can see the Pepsi museum in the downtown area. Although we went a little bit of a different direction when checking out what to drink in New Bern. We first filled our bellies at MJ’s Raw Bar where we enjoyed delicious seafood to prep us for the night, I had jumbo shrimp that were about as big as I was. I can still taste them….MmMMmm

It's hard to see but if you look really hard you can see the dog

After the food we checked out a bar called TBM where two dogs were either visiting or regular customers. I’m not sure but the way that dog sat at that bar and ordered itself a drink, I’d say he was a regular (Sorry for the blurriness of the photo). Next we wandered off to the Harvey Mansion which has a quaint pub in the basement. This house was a stronghold during the Civil War and today it serves as a bed and breakfast upstairs and a Cheers like bar below. The only downside is that its NC and its a basement which means its hot. As you stumble around the downtown main street you’ll notice that their are bears everywhere…and they are dressed in funny outfits too. Supposedly New Bern is named after a Swiss town that means bear, which I can get but why that furry bastard has his tongue out all the time I’m not sure.

Another thing you may notice while downtown is the huge mansion. We found our way back downtown a different night to enjoy an amazing free concert at the Tryon Palace with the North Carolina Symphony Orchestra.  They played over a dozen songs in a quick 1 hour tour around the world. The best part is that it was all free to enjoy, and listening to the soft sounds of the orchestra as I looked out the the water was enough to have me drifting off in a lullaby lull of happiness.

As for our daytime activities, we checked out the local stores and cuisine, North Carolinians like their BoJangles. Which to me seemed no more than a glorified KFC, although I guess in this case it would be NCFC. Either way the only thing that gave it any kind of quality was the sweet tea, but then again sweet tea is a southern thing and they do it right. Each sip took me back to my visit to New Orleans and that delicious tea goodness. When we weren’t eating and shopping we were lounging out at Atlantic Beach which is located about 20 minutes from New Bern. There is Indian Beach further down on one end and a military base on the other. I’m guessing there are a lot of bases in the area because it is filled with with soldiers or sailors or whatever they were. But back to the beach, well what can I say it was a nice clean beach, it had sand, oh and the ocean too. Compared to where I grew up, next to Lake Erie this was a vast improvement.

So if you ever find yourself down in New Bern, NC don’t go off and hibernate, go out, explore and have a beary good time. (OK no more bear puns I promise)


…..Something about honey @(^_^)@


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New Brew Tuesday: Samuel Adams – Oktoberfest

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Type: BeerOktoberfest/ Märzen
Name: Samuel AdamsOktoberfest
Price: $2 (an on-tap happy hour special)
Made: Boston, MA
Alc/Vol: 5.3%

Yes, I know that oktoberfest beers should be served up with the likes of cheese soup and sausage but those weren’t on the menu, and instead I was digging my paws into delicious chicken wings. I’ve found an alternative, local, place to enjoy my weekly wing night. Which if I time it right, according to their allotted time of happiness, costs me about half what I usually spend. Besides wings and beer have a special bond, and then before bed a nice banana will help with heartburn and hangovers. But more importantly….onto the beer!

I like Sam Adams, they are what many of the other micro-brews aspire to be, plus the bearded brewer guy seems badass.

This brew, not too surprisingly, reminded me of last weeks Flying Dog Dogtoberfest, but then again it should being they are the same style of beer. It has a light nose to it, I couldn’t pull any strong scents from this beer even before the wings were served. What you do notice however, is the nice red amber tint to the glass. It makes you all warm inside and if I was the sentimental type I’d tell you how it made me think of the fall foliage.

This märzen has a nice flavor, a good blend of sweetness with a touch of hops to give it a subtle bitter undertone. It isn’t an overly sweet but fits in with the style of beer, with caramel tones coming through. After a while I was starting to notice a smokey oakiness to it but then again that is when my bbq wings came out so I think it sent my taste buds on a false hunt. However, a bourbon barreled twist does sound like it would give this beer some deeper character to it.

Overall, this was a good beer that had drinkability and goes along with my favorite holiday beer season. Fall beers, in my perspective tend to be my favorite. I give this beer 4 out of 5 bananas and would recommend someone to try this as an introduction/baseline for a good oktoberfest style beer.


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