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The Busy Little Monkey

I’ve been a bad little monkey, well outside of my normal flingings. I haven’t been present on this site as much as I would like which being the sole flinger here, that’s a bad thing. I won’t woe you with stories that boast my responsibilities being greater than yours, because truth be told everyone is busy with something or the other. What I will tell you is my plans for the next year and why I’m going to keep being busy until I me and the Mrs. sail away to far off lands…or fly….you get the point.



New Brew Tuesday: North Coast Brewing Co’s Red Seal Ale

Type: BeerAmerican Amber Ale / Red Ale
Name: North Coast Brewing Co.Red Seal Ale
Price: $1.79
Made: Mendocino County, California
Alc/Vol: 5.5%

I was delightfully excited to try this beer, as I am a fan of red ales. It boasted “generally hopped for a long spicy denouement” and “water, malted barley, hops, yeast & that’s all.” Both of which excited me, and with such simply ingredients and the style of beer reminded me of a home brew beer I once made and enjoyed. But, that is get ahead of myself.

It poured a nice reddish copper hue, befitting of the name. The scent gave off a spiced malty smell. I could tell from the noise alone that there was something enjoyable to come. The taste was spiced, although a little bit light. The initial hoppy spice that hits you isn’t overwhelmingly strong, and the finish is perhaps too light. I wouldn’t say watered down but a lot lighter than I would expect from the first taste. Then again it isn’t an IPA so maybe its just right and I’m not used to having such a well balanced beer.

The hoppy flavor is strong, there is no doubt about that, but you taste more than just the hops. You get a nice flavoring of spice as well. I’m a lover of red ales so I may be overly picky here but even then this is one I thoroughly enjoyed. Tag along with its great flavor was its agreeable price and overall you got yourself a fan favorite.

I give this beer 4 out of 5 bananas. I know the light aftertaste description might throw you off to say such things and give it a high rating but it is such a contrast of the bitter spice to light finish that right now I’m just not sure how to better phrase it. Sad to say I bought this as a single so I’ll have to wait till my next visit before I can give more input on it.


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Ultimate Doggie Road Trip

While in North Carolina we took an impromptu road trip to Myrtle Beach. Then, to our delight this little fellow drives by us. We animals know how to cruise in style @(^_^)@


* Side note: I love my old college rommie’s laugh

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New Brew Tuesday: Simond Farson’s Cisk

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Type: BeerLager
Name: Simond Farson’sCisk
Price: $1.79
Made: Mriehel, Malta
Alc/Vol: 4.2%

A golden, bottom fermented lager with a well balanced character and a rich hop aroma.

After a recent guest post: My Blind Date with Malta I was excited to try this beer that Author Louis Jobin described as “a sweet, cheap and delightfully refreshing local beer that was well-needed after another hot day of gorgeous weather.” I’ve never tried Cisk or been to Malta but I was excited to place myself right next to the author as I re-read his post.

So what was my take on this beer…

The scent had a touch of grains and malts, which is very typical of a lager nothing outstanding. There was a little bit of sweetness in the nose, but it was subtle.

Down the hatches it went and I do have to say it drinks smooth, light and almost creamy in texture. However, there isn’t much in taste, not even in the finish, but it’s likable. I could see enjoying this on a nice hot day with a hearty rabbit meal or stew. Or at least that’s what seems to be a traditional dish in Malta.

As I continued to drink this beer down there was a faint hint of hops that were noticeable, but more so the malts, without being malty that is. (Hmm Malta’s malty malts – hehehe)

The one peculiarity about the beer was that it leaves only the tip of my tongue feeling dry. Overall it doesn’t leave much of an impression. It is drinkable, I could drink these all night and it was cheap as Jobin stated, even as an import. Yet it doesn’t give you enough of anything to be craved, missed, reminisced, or in other words its forgettable. Maybe if I was sitting on the shores of Malta enjoying this beer after scuba diving it would leave an impression. Yet that would be the scene not the beer that puts me there, but then again that seems to be common for beers from hot climates.

Overall, I give this beer 2 1/2 out of 5 bananas. It was middle of the road good, which is more than I can say about a lot of beers.

BananaBananaHalf Banana

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