Jun 11

Driving Through Appalachia

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On my recent trip to North Carolina I decided to take photos on my drive home through Appalachia on my 12 hour ride. However, my camera decided to have a different plan. I wanted to set my camera to go off every minute to take photos of my ride home, care free. Well, the certain camera I have doesn’t let me do that so instead my wife volunteered to snap off photos on the drive. We didn’t get all 12 hours but we did get photos of our drive through Appalachia as we crossed through West Virginia, Virginia, and southern Ohio. We got well over 500 photos put together in this fun short video for you, hope you enjoy!



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  1. From Bluegreen Kirk:

    I hope you thanked you wife over and over again!  Thats a lot of photo snapping.  Love NC haven’t been to Carowinds in a while but never actually drove up throug Appalachia thanks for the photos.

    Posted on 2011/06/13 at 3:19 pm #

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