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RTW Tripping

travel by fdecomite on May 9, 2009, on Flickr via Creative Commons

I love the concept of a gap year, taking time off to explore the world and live out new adventures. I really get it but that is not for me at least not all of it, no I haven’t came to some enlightenment while traveling through South America like Ayngelina Brogan of Bacon is Magic and I don’t have the funding to make a career out of it like Dave of GoBackPacking, Gary of Everything-Everywhere or I’ve also heard that Nomadic Matt guy is doing pretty well for himself too.  😉 What I do know is that I get stir crazy while being somewhere too long and yes I’d like to be next to family but with the realization that I’m from Ohio and my fiancé is from Peru, one of us will always be far from home so we might as well explore the globe till we find that one place that just fits.



Falling Off Mount Asama

It was going to be my first exploration of Japan outside of Tokyo, we were going to Karuizawa and ski on a resort off Mount Asama. I’ve explored the subway system of Tokyo and was starting the get the hang of navigating my way through this interconnected network of trains and had a few destinations picked out to explore but this was someplace far off and exciting, not your tourist stop by any means at least not for foreigners. This is more of a get away place for locals from Tokyo, it is kind of like my adventure to Buzios in Brazil, not your typical tourist stop unless you wish to revisit the ’98 winter Olympics . McTigger’s brother-in-law works at a company that has a cabin employees can rent out for a few days and where sometimes they show clients, but this weekend it was all ours to enjoy and we did just that except for the little mishap where we almost slid off the mountain.



New Brew Tuesday: Barefoot Wines

Image from Barefoot Wine

For this New Brew Tuesday I decided to check out a wine that I often see but never had the pleasure of trying before. You have probably seen this brand of wine too but maybe never had enough information to purchase it. Well fear not my fellow flinger because that’s what I’m here to do, explore beers, wines and other brews and share them with you!



Top Educational Experience

School Bus by Bruno Girin on January 28, 2006, Flickr via CreativeCommons

What is your top educational experience? Was it in a classroom? Education is often associated with schools and is thought to be confined to the classroom but in reality our true life lessons are experienced far off from our childhood school ground and our teacher is not an educator. It is an interesting point and one that was brought up to me during my educational psychology class.



New Brew Tuesday: Glögg Scandinavian Winter Drink

It’s Glögg!

Everyone wants Glögg
You’re gonna love it, Glögg
Come on and get your Glögg
Everyone needs Glögg
Glögg Glögg Glögg

Wait, what exactly is it? Well the bottle shown to your left is a non-alcoholic concentrate mix of a Scandinavian winter drink that has warmed the bellies of vikings for generations. The original glögg is made with a mulled wine and other spices such as cinnamon, ginger, orange peel, cloves, and cardamom seeds. However with this fun mix you get to decide how you want to spice it up.