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New Brew Tuesday: Sangenjaya’s Little Red Fish

I had been enjoying my time in Japan but had desperately wanted to explore a nice little hole in the wall place. Tokyo is known for all its tiny little bars and restaurants and I wanted a piece of that experience. McTigger’s cousin decided to take us to Sengen-Jaya, not a touristy spot by any means but it was exactly what I was looking for.



Christmas Site Seeing In Japan

The weather outside was delightful…?

Yes, besides being a wee bit chilly it was far from a white Christmas. There were no plans for Christmas day and although I had been sick for a few days I was up for exploring some temples and sites to finally get out of the house. I had been wanting to go to Kamakura to explore the Daibutsu or better known as ‘The Great Buddha’ that US President Obama visited during his trip to Japan so off I went. It was a wee bit confusing having to hop on and off so many trains to get there but luckily with the little Japanese I know and all the signs being written in English lettering or as they call it here ‘romanji’ I found my way easy enough.



She Said Yes

It had been in the planning for more than 6 months, but the other night it finally came down to one question. It is amazing how one word can have such a huge impact, but it does and it did that night. Some of you may know that I often refer to my travel partner, @BouncyMcTigger but what you may not know is that she has always been more than that and now I can cheerfully share that we are engaged. I now have a permanent travel partner, someone who has said yes.



New Brew Tuesday: Amazake

Tis the season for holiday drinks and with that you have special seasonal spirits. Beers too buy into this festive idea with their Christmas Ales, other cultures slosh back the eggnog and others yet have their own seasonal version of eggnog. In the Caribbean you may find a drink called coquito, but at Tokyo’s Boro Itichi festival I discovered Japan’s version and its name is amazake.



How To Travel During The Holidays

It isn’t just a coincidence that the best time to travel also happens to be the most expensive. Once infamous as blackout days, holidays and high travel season dates always see a jump in price, but if you want to find cheap all inclusive holidays then you need to take into consideration a few important facts. Jumping on your computer and typing in a destination at one site is not guaranteed to get you the best deal, no my friend you need to be a little more clever than that to one up the the big airline company so you can save some pennies and earn some pesos.