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New Brew Tuesday: Gazela Vinho Verde

Type: Wine – White
Name: Gazela
Price: $9.50
Made: Portugal
Alc/Vol: 9%

Gazela is a fresh, young and floral, light and smooth wine. Serve chilled at 6-8°C, as an aperitif, with salads, fish or seafood.

First and foremost before I say anything else I must say one thing, BUBBLES!

I was expecting a wine, not a bubbly non champagne, wine like thing. Now this could merely be my inexperience in the world of wine but it was an unexpected, however pleasant, surprise.



Everything RSS & 50 Blogs You Should Suscribe To

Now that you already know How To Create A Successful Blog you need to start worrying about readers. Where to get them, how to maintain them and what they are interested in reading. In order to get readers you need to read what other people are reading. Who you may be asking, why other successful blogs of course. Christopher Elliott calls this your sources, because every good journalist has connections and sources, right? By reading other blogs in your niche you can build a community with similar level bloggers and see examples of how the successful stay on top. Leaving worthwhile comments will also bring attention, much more than just a ‘lol’ and a link back to your site. Using a reader allows you to keep up on posts that may have slipped by you unknowingly during the wee hours when you aren’t on twitter or facebook, I know unheard of.



New Brew Tuesday: Efes

Efes Pilsen from

Type: Beer – Pilsner
Name: Efes
Price: $1.79
Made: Turkey
Alc/Vol: 5%

This beer had no label on the bottle except for the little label placed on the neck of the bottle, smaller than the one shown from However, while this no label bottle had an impression of its name it failed to leave a great impression on me.

This is another one of those forgettable beers, and as it is not a common one in the USA I doubt it will ever become memorable. The smell of honey is mixed in with the aroma, which may be the sweetness mixed into the flavor. The initial taste is strong but goes away fast, and I’m not sure what it all presents, it’s not bitter, or really hoppy nor really sweet its simply a pilsen beer of sorts. There is not really an after taste, but it does leave your mouth dry. There is a thickness to its mouth-feel but not creamy yet not light like I expected either.



Oh Where Did The Time Go? A Day in The Life of a Mid-Level Blogger

Painful Time [Explored- FP]

Painful Time By: ShaZ Ni *Fotogurafiku, April 2, 2009 via Flickr, Creative Commons

It seems that my life has two parallels, that is things I would like to do and things that I actually accomplish. Although I doubt this is different than what many others experience every day as well. I’m not traveling long term yet, nor does provide an income that would allow me to focus all my greatest poo flinging moments on it so I am left in a routine were I’m working to learn a foreign language, save money and earn my Master of Arts in Teacher Education. I think I’m doing pretty good with managing my time but in a perfect world (ahem, Planet of the Apes?) my schedule would look slightly different. How does your day look?



New Brew Tuesday: Wittekerke

Type: Belgian Wheat Beer
Name:  Wittekerke imported by Global Beer Network
Price: $1.69
Brouwerij Bavik, Belgium
Alc/Vol: 5%

After a few tweets back and forth with HostelDog of, you guessed it, about Wit Bier or Belgian White beer I had a craving no bud-anything could cure. While this bier (no I’m not drunk, that is how it is spelled and I’m trying to sound all smarty pants about beer. Even though I don’t wear any, they hurt my tail….) is not featured on the Rate Beer List that HostelDog shared with me, it surely was a delight. However, in the world of popular Wit Biers Hoegaarden has crossed my pallet, and I dare say this underdog came up on top.