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Write Where I Need To Be

Write Where I Need To BeI always had difficulty forming hobbies, which could be the reason why I never excelled at anything. My hopes and dreams of becoming a famous musician, aside from my inability to sing, slipped by as many aspirations had before. The dust gathers atop my guitar as if an indicator of the hours of neglect, the hourglass of my life.

Maybe the idea of travel appeals so much because my paws wander as fast as my mind does. Thus the idea of traveling blog came into mind, although instead of wandering to locations it would hopefully travel through internet space and land at someone’s screen for more than a second. My initial live journal site was no more than the occassional musings that crossed my mind, while I taught in Brazil. Sure it was also a way to keeep my family informed that I was alive, but more than that it was an outlet.



New Brew Tuesday: Paper Moon – Cayuga White

Photo Property of Paper Moon Vinyards via Facebook

Type: Wine – Lake Erie Cayuga White
Name: Paper Moon – Cayuga White
Price: Free for me, but for you?
Made: Vermillion, OH
Alc/Vol: 11%

I must seem to luck out on local wines because like Matus Winery – American Concord review I did, this lovely bottle came free of charge as well. How did I manage free wine you ask, well just get really upset when someone disposes of the wine  you had. A few weeks back I helped work at a local festival in my hometown of Lorain. After cleanup there were a few bottles of wine left over, I was ready to enjoy these delicious wines when I left them at the festival site. (I know, cardinal sin-esque) I rushed back the next morning only to find they had been pitched, to prevent the high school clean up crew from having at the bottle. I still fail to see why the bottle was punished for this. this left me devastated, truly, alcohol abuse in it’s worse offense. My mother shared my despair at a similar festival with the vineyards, thus the thought of a cute and cuddly little monkey without his wine tore into their hearts. They left a bottle for me, who needs puppy eyes when you have monkey everything?



5 Ways to Save Money on Your Tour

Paper money, extreme macro, February 22, 2009, kevindooley, via Flickr Creative CommonsWho doesn’t want to take a few days leave from a busy schedule? It is quite necessary for healthy living. So, you should plan vacations from time to time so that you can relax and remain stress free. However, many of you hesitate to plan a tour as you think that your financial situation would not permit it. But, there are ways to save money on tour. Read on to make yourself aware of how you can plan a tour with limited budget.



New Brew Tuesday: Pisco

Pisco Sour By caseywest, May 20, 2010 via Flickr Creative Commons

After watching one of the greatest shows ever, Three Sheets, I became sad to see that the host Zane Lamprey never got around to show casing the Peruvian side of this liquor. Instead we only saw the Chilean side, which seems to be more regulated in its creation of Pisco. The side by side taste test will have to wait till I’m able to locate some pisco from Chile, until then these pompous pisco producers will have to deal with a full Pisco breakdown where both sides get a full review.

Some of you may not be too familiar with pisco, but may be more familiar with its Italian cousin grappa. Grappa is made from wine discards while pisco is made from fresh grapes and in Peru it includes the typical discards. Both drinks were once considered a poor man’s drink but nowadays both can be seen in high class cocktails for man and monkey alike.



I Wanna Be A Billionaire

I know you are thinking one of two things, either, “Who doesn’t?” or the Austin Powers movie with your pinky next to your mouth. However, the point is there is a gray area that seems to be missing on the pathway to riches. The song by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars sings of not only sharing but living ‘the good life’ which includes travel and celebrity fame that would allow him close interactions one of the most powerful individuals in the world, the US president. (Although in my book King Kong is way more powerful and would be killer on the basketball court)