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New Brew Tuesday: Dundee Irish Red Lager

Dundee Irish Red Lager

Type: BeerRed Lager
Name: Dundee Irish Red Lager
Price: $1.49
Made: Rochester, NY
Alc/Vol: 5.5%

“~Malty and Mellow~”

A sheep painted red … Cruel joke, right? Nope. Farmers in Ireland and Scotland have been painting sheep for ages—makes ’em easier to find. Thankfully, you won’t have any problem finding our new Irish Red Lager. Its malty backbone and rich, off-white head—some say it’s “cappuccino-like”—are unmistakable. Not to mention that big, beautiful color. Which, unlike the sheep, is 100% natural.
(All due respect to the sheep.)”

I love Irish red style beer so I had to have a friend try this one out with me so that my rating of this beer wasn’t biased. It also just so happened that my friends fridge had some Killians Irish Red so I took it upon myself to have a comparative analysis. (I love being able to use words that make drinking lots of beer sound like research) Although what I found at the end of my ‘study’ brought a slight different result than what I was expecting.



Don’t Want No Short Short URL

Thanks to Twitter and its 140 character limit two things have become popular in this tworld: URL shorteners and tweet longer links. My focus is on the ones that shrink your type URLs that extend itself almost to the character limit alone. In order to get interested tweeps to click on your link you need to add a description and some awesome #hashtags as well right? Hence the need for URL shorteners, or is there more to it?



Don’t Have a Cow, Peru…

…Have a whole parade of them! Seriously of all the things I was expecting to see during my trip to Peru, cows wasn’t one of them. I figured I’d see lots of llamas, not even sure why Peruvians loves their llamas, but the highlight in Lima this year was cows. Cows scattered all over the city in weird artistic interpretations/poses/whatever you want to call it, either way its still COWS!



New Brew Tuesday: Sapporo

Type: Beer
Name: Sapporo
Price: $1.59
Made: Japan
Alc/Vol: 4.9%

This beer hails all the way form the land of the rising sun, a certified beer drinking culture. True, I’ve never visited Japan but I had done some serious research when I thought I had a job teaching English. What did this research bring to light, well never use your chopsticks as drumsticks and the Japanese people love their beer. Sure there is sake, but I’ve never had any and I’m not sure if I want to ruin my possible future love for sake by drinking some cheap liquor store import. But beer, oh glorious beer I know so I was excited to see what would be my first alcohol induced experience to better understanding Japan. (yes you can get that deep about beer)



Shits and Giggles

This is why you never let a friend have access to your camera after a night full of partying, this such day being the one after St. Patrick’s day. There is no purpose or point related to travel or anything at all really just for your amusement – or more aptly put for shits and giggles.


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