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New Brew Tuesday: Estrella Damm

Type: Beer

Name: Estrella Damm

Price: $1.99

Made: Barcelona, Spain

Alc/Vol: ?%

So before I tell you how I feel about the beer, let us see what the bottle has to say about itself…

“La Cerveza de Barcelona: Since 1876 when August Kuentzmann Damm arrived from Alsace, Estrella Damm has been brewed as a premium quality beer in Barcelona. Estrella means star in Spanish and its name suggests the brand has become a star to the people of Barcelona. It has evolved with the city reflecting its character – sophisticated and passionate yet at the same time relaxed and welcoming. Estrella Damm is THE BEER OF BARCELONA”



The Great American Rite of Passage

In some parts of the world what marks you as an adult is some long standing tradition driven ritual, in the USA where cultural ties don’t go far beyond French fries or pizza we only have one rite of passage. When you turn 18 you can buy a lotto ticket, a pack of smokes and go to a strip club, while all those things are great you are probably still in high school or just recently graduated and still not treated with all the adult privileges. That’s right, you still have one more bigger better birthday down the road that will make you into a real adult – your 21st.



New Brew Tuesday: Fish Eye – Cabernet Sauvignon

Type: Wine
Name: Fish Eye – Cabernet Sauvignon
Price: $4.99
Made: Livermore & Ripon, California
Alc/Vol: 13%

It’s a wine I know, kind of threw you off with this one. What you don’t think a monkey can have a refined taste to enjoy and critique wine? Typical human, now I really know how that cave man guy feels on those GEICO commercials.



Valentine’s Day Music Playlist

Greeting to all of you Valentine’s Day love birds. I decided to share some musical delight off of a playlist I’ve created especially for you. I’ve highlighted artists like R. Kelly, Isley borthers, LSG, Tyrese, 112, Beyonce and Alicia Keys all of which provide a great list of, how do you say, umm “Slow Jams” yeah that gave you a little smirk I know it did.

Unfortunately due to the fact that wordpress doesn’t allow you to embed anything into your post you will have to go to my There is however one song that I was regrettably unable to add Isley Brothers – Move Your Body. This is a classic but I couldn’t find a URL to add it to my Valentines Playlist.

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(yeah that was supposed to sounds dirty)

If you are still unsure on what you want to do with your special someone for Valentine’s day date, check out my post on 5 inexpensive date ideas.


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Monkey Love

5 Tips to a Successful Inexpensive Valentines Day

Ladies and gentlemen that special time of year is near and you are still scheming how to make this a memorable one with that special someone. That or you are just trying to find a way to get lucky. With high aspirations in mind the realization sinks in that your blog hasn’t been lucrative enough for you to go sailing on your personal yacht yet.  Fret not my furless friend for I have a few ideas that will get you from merely practicing to the big game, or at least some ranking points to get your closer to the title shot, with a low cost price tag. (Hey memorable romance and getting lucky can coincide) Before I begin, a side note is needed. I said ladies and gentleman, that’s right ladies can participate too. Valentines Day doesn’t have to be just about the guy creating romance out of thin air you too can use these ideas to get the fire started.