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New Brew Tuesday – Altenmünster Maibock

Half Banana

Altenmunster MaibockLadies, gentlemen and primates welcome to a new installment where I attempt to put the ‘brew’ in Starting today I will be showcasing a new drink every Tuesday rated by me. Technically wine and liquors are brewed as well so expect more than just beer because we monkeys don’t discriminate when it comes to drinks. So what makes me an expert in drinking, what that gives me the power to rate and place judgment on the elixir of life? Well, nothing-you just have to take my word for it and maybe try a few for yourself to compare the difference and then share your take on it.

I come from humble beer beginning where Natural Light was the household favorite. I know you just made that, what I like to call ‘EwWwWwww’ face – that’s OK I understand but we all have to start somewhere. Today I enjoy a slightly more refined taste, but I won’t pass down a free Natty. Some personal favorites are Guinness, George Killians Irish Red, Negra Modelo and Itaipava (served super chilled on a beach of course), but as I said there are too few beers I know to really say I have a refined taste.



How to Write an About Me section – and Why Your Current One Sucks

My About Me Section

My About Me SectionI think the idea of an ‘About Me’ page is great in theory but in reality, especially on the site of a traveler makes no sense. Man or monkey alike, unless you are updating and changing your about me section daily, weekly or monthly it is stagnant while you the individual are growing changing and always on the move. I know, you’re thinking the idea of a stagnant page sounds dreadful, even if you are spitting out dozens of posts weekly on the homepage. Yet, we are trying to convince our readers that we are the same person who wrote that about me section before we had that interesting experience with the 6’6” transvestite at the gay karaoke bar Le Boy in Copacabana. That is just a hypothetical example, I swear even if they did have awesome sangria.



Owl City – “Monkeyflies”

Welcome one and all to what I hope is an entertaining show for you. Some might think this song is annoying, that maybe you think you hear it too much on the radio. Well my friend, if you ever made a video like this amazing, hmmm lets call it, ‘cinematic experience’ that you have in front of you then you realize how many times I had to listen to this song to get it all put together. Point being, I don’t know why but this song is a happy song that makes me rock my head from side to side- so I figured I’d share that with you all. Without further ado, my parody video of Owl City – “Fireflies”


Did you love it? Oh, who am I kidding of course you did. I know this has absolutely nothing to do with travel, bucket lists or anything really but who cares right! Watch it again, share with a friend because you know you can’t get enough of it. I keep watching the thing and I made it, weird I know. Leave a comment let me know what you think. You can also go to and watch it there in full screen mode or embed it in your Myspace page because that’s what all the cool kids are doing.

Since you can’t share a drink with me, share this post with others!



In the USA identity plays an important role in the lives of many. It is who they interact with, date and even influence things like where they live or what religion they follow. Identity often is so interlocked with ethnicity that they become indistinguishable. Think of it this way e-harmony boast that it matches you on a kajillion levels of compatibility yet somehow you still manage to end up with someone of the same ethnicity. So what happens when you were born in Peru, Spanish is your first language, you live in the USA but you’re of Japanese descent? Well then my friend, you are Perusian.

Sure it seems like a novel concept but it makes sense and works, besides that it’s kind of catchy and pretty accurate. This self identifying term also flies if you are of Chinese or any other Asian background living in Peru just in case you couldn’t figure that out on yourself.



The No List Blogger: Falling below the ABC’s

Fresh and Clean after a Bath

Fresh and Clean after a BathUnder the radar, unnoticed or just too new to count, yeah I thought so? How do I know? Well it certainly isn’t because I knew who you are,  but because I’m right down there with you. So you just recently started your blog or maybe not – either way you are not getting those big numbers of readers that all your favorite bloggers boast.  Before you hide your tail between your legs and run (or swing) off into the distance maybe you should sit back, revel in all its glory and enjoy the ride.