Peace Corps for Couples Part 4: Invitation and Acceptance

Check out all of our posts on the Peace Corps application process The final stages of your Peace Corps Application process comes with your location nomination and potential start date. We received our nomination and quickly received our next set of check-list items. The four check-list items seem easy but  take some time. You will […]


Peace Corps for Couples Part 3: Placement and Assessment

Check out all of our posts on the Peace Corps application process After a prolonged period of radio silence, that followed the rush of sending in all of our forms we finally moved on. The forms were simple fingerprint and signature forms, but traveling through South America at the time makes it a bit more […]


How To Drink Like a Peruvian

I recently had an opportunity to spend two weekends back to back visiting my wife’s friends for an authentic Peruvian BBQ and a futbol match where we unfortunately lost against Uruguay. Hey, after living in Lima since May I think I can say ‘we.’ Up until now most of the time I spent here we […]


How Much Does It Cost: Argentina

Our travels through Argentina came out a little different than we initially planned. We originally wanted to travel down towards Patagonia, but we didn’t pack properly for it. We also learned that things like backpacks, jackets and tent were really expensive in Argentina. After some serious research and a lack of couchsurfing success we decided […]


Discover Paphos

Ever considered a holiday to Paphos? You should – after all, it’s a fabulous Cypriot city that’s rich in heritage, with bags of character and a scorching climate. It has also been selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2017 alongside Aarhus, so as you can imagine, it’s a pretty special place to be. […]

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