The Ultimate Morocco Peace Corps Packing List

After realizing we packed way too much stuff for our two years of service we decided to start a little project that would allow future Peace Corps Morocco volunteers be aware of what they should pack, with the help of my fellow PC Morocco volunteers this is what we came up with… This list was […]


How Much Does it Cost: Peru

Peru brought with it a sense of urgency to experience all the things we hoped to accomplish on our journey through  Brazil, Bolivia, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile. We were reaching the final stages of our adventure, leaving us only up to Lima, where we would stay with Aiko’s family for 6 months.


Peace Corps for Couples Part 5: The Timeline

Check out all of our posts on the Peace Corps application process September 11, 2012 – I completed my application and was quickly sent a medical questionnaire via email that asked questions covering everything from emotional to physical health. September 24, 2012 – Received an Email from a Regional Recruitment Supervisor inquiring about when my […]


Peace Corps for Couples Part 4: Invitation and Acceptance

Check out all of our posts on the Peace Corps application process The final stages of your Peace Corps Application process comes with your location nomination and potential start date. We received our nomination and quickly received our next set of check-list items. The four check-list items seem easy but  take some time. You will […]


Peace Corps for Couples Part 3: Placement and Assessment

Check out all of our posts on the Peace Corps application process After a prolonged period of radio silence, that followed the rush of sending in all of our forms we finally moved on. The forms were simple fingerprint and signature forms, but traveling through South America at the time makes it a bit more […]

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